Fighting Moves

Pack Attack- a group of wolves surround a single wolf or two wolves and different wolves dart and attack and then dash back.

Loud Howl- startle your oppent by howling behind them then, using Up Lash or Nipping.

Elemental Attack- use your element to attack and injure your oppent.

Up Lash- stand on your hind paws and lash with your frount paws.

 Nipping- you lightly bite your oppent.

Killing Blow- you bite your oppent's neck and tear it open (It's considered dishonest and codless).

Herbs and Fighting Moves.

Healers fights can leave a wolf like this so know your herbs  and Warriors know your moves so you can protect your pack, family, and yourself.


Lunar Flower- a rare flower that can cure any desise and save lives but can't be found. No one knows what it smells like.

Firebane- a bane that heats up a sick fire wolf (from fall in the water). It has a scent that smells like smoke.

Blue roses- cool off fevers and cool burns used on Frostpack wolves (from heat exposer). It's is faint but cool like water scent.

Red Roses- makes breath smell better and is used to calm scared wolves with it's sweet scent.

Wolfbane- used for Nightcough (a deadly sickness, that can kill even the strongest wolf) and coughing.

Danerous Plants:

Black roses- one of the dangerous rose. It has posiones on the outside and the jusies are posiosion. Has a hevey, dark scent.

Multi Colored Roses- one of the other danerous roses. It can kill by making your heart stop when, you eat or it's jucies get into a open wound. It has a sweet, light scent.

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